A new energy economy

Built on Holochain, the Internet of Energy Network is composed of two currency layers. The first is IOEN itself (pronounced “ion”), which is used as a staking asset to unlock new microgrid economies. The second layer is a series of Internet of Energy Currency (IOEC or IOENFuel) credit systems unique to each community or application exchanging energy value.

IOEN’s token model fosters the capabilities of clean energy microgrids globally, building these energy networks from the ground up, device by device user by user.

Our Team

Adam Bumpus

Executive Director & Co-Founder

With 20 years experience in climate tech and a doctorate in carbon finance from Oxford, Adam is key to bringing IOEN's vision to life.

Simon Wilson

CTO, Director & Co-Founder

Simon has decades of experience working in tech and is a passionate leader in the Blockchain community both locally and abroad.

Connor Gamble

Head of Operations

Connor’s background is in law and regulation, and consulted for various blockchain and crypto projects before working as CCO for a US.

Emily Loving

Product & Operations Lead

Emily is our superstar operations manager, keeping us on our toes and making sure everything is delivered on time.

David Atkinson

Director and Strategy Lead

David has led commercial development for Holochain and has extensive experience in the crypto and post-blockchain industry.

Mike Gamble

Lead Architect, Cyer Security & Co-Founder

Mike brought Holochain to the equationafter a few years in blockchain, and explores biomimicry in design.

Join the energy community

IOEN's protocol is the open-source solution for a clean energy future. The global community behind IOEN is already accelerating the transition to renewable energy. So don't wait for change. Build it with us.

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