Unlocking a clean energy future, one grid at a time

Project 100

Delivering 100 clean-energy microgrids to the world

The IOEN team are on a mission to connect 100 Clean Energy Communities and we are calling our campaign Project 100.

Tracking our progress will be a platform we call IOEN World which is the Metaverse for Energy Projects connected to our ecosystem.

IOEN World is a virtual clone of the physical world that allows community energy providers, designers, operators and collaborators to test scenarios, demonstrate real life implementations, collaborate with others and see the energy transition in real time.

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How IOEN Works

Energy Devices and Users through the protocol are added as Agents and interact via a customized implementation of the Holochain Protocol.

Using Holochain's Agent centric architecture each device from grid infrastructure, to an appliance or energy end user, is able to form and manage its own unique and private relationships, transactions and interactions.

This architecture provides significant scaling, performance, and agility benefits over global blockchain and/or server based solutions for electricity balancing and transactions and is perfectly suited for community up energy applications.

Within the local systems transactions are denominated in IOENFuel accounting which is a mutual credit solution for value transfer.

Local users can on/off ramp IOENFuel via a Reserve account for each grid or application which is a pool of IOEN Tokens managed and fed specifically by and for that community and its needs.

This multi-layered approach provides the performance and specificity needed to support local grids and their transactions whilst also enabling global value transfer and Grid-to-Grid collaboration.

IOEN: The clean energy token

IOEN Community Value Flow

The IOEN Protocol employs a dual-layer approach. In the first layer, users purchase IOEN Tokens for their local microgrid/or application. These tokens are stored in a decentralised holding account/contract for each virtual microgrid.

This holding represents external value available proportionally to users within that local application.

The second layer is IOENFuel. It is our mutual credit accounting system. It represents the energy data transactions credits and debits inside the virtual microgrid/ or application.

IOENFuel can then be traded for IOEN at a rate proportional to the amount of IOENFuel flowing through the virtual microgrid. More transactions equal better trading value

IOEN is a fixed supply token. The more IOENFuel (energy transactions) used in more microgrids / or applications, the greater the demand for IOEN Token. Trading IOENFuel for IOEN allows the user to transfer its value rapidly worldwide and enables the system to provide an interconnected eco-system of energy.



Unlock IOEN

Unlock L-IOEN or sIOEN/spIOEN purchased from launchpads.



Purchase IOEN tokens from Uniswap using the Ethereum network.


Purchase IOEN tokens from Quickswap using the Polygon network.

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