How to buy from QuickSwap

Buying tokens from DEXs like QuickSwap can be a tricky process. Follow the instructions below to keep out of trouble.

Step 1

Make sure your wallet is connected to Polygon network. How to connect Metamask to Polygon.

Step 2

Make sure you have MATIC in your wallet. You can buy Polygon MATIC through exchanges or with a credit card via platforms like Transak. How to buy Polygon MATIC.

Step 3

Tap/click the button below to copy the Token Contact code.

Step 4

Open QuickSwap and tap/click 'Select a Token'.

Step 5

Paste the code into the search bar, then tap/click on the IOEN token when it appears.

Step 6

If you haven't already, connect your preferred wallet to QuickSwap by tapping/clicking 'Connect Wallet' and selecting your wallet.

Step 7

Enter the amount of MATIC you want to swap then tap/click Swap.

Step 8

Confirm the details are correct and tap/click Confirm Swap.

Step 9

Confirm the transaction through your wallet.

How to add IOEN token to Metamask

Sometimes the IOEN token does not appear in your wallet after purchasing. To add the token manually follow the steps below.

Step 1

Open Metamask. Under Assets tab scroll to the bottom and tap/click Import Token.

Step 2

Copy the code for IOEN or sIOEN below.

Step 3

Select the Custom Token tab, paste the code in the field titled Token Contract Address then tap/click 'Add custom token' and then 'Import Tokens'.