Ambassador Program

IOEN Ambassadors are the volunteer members of our community that truly identify with our mission to deliver the digital infrastructure through blockchain and holochain technologies to enable connection and value flows between any energy device, user, or market.

Ambassadors are:
  • Passionate about IOEN
  • Eager to build the IOEN Roadmap
  • Motivated to get involved with the IOEN team and help grow the project
  • Excited about the impact IOEN will have on the new energy economy
Why be an ambassador?
  • Help build the Internet Of Energy
  • Help innovate to make global energy systems reliable, decentralised, affordable and sustainable
  • Be part of a collaborative team
  • Network with other ambassadors



  • Create conversation
  • Help the community learn more about IOEN
  • Help admins troubleshoot problems
  • Discover potential partnerships and opportunities for IOEN through our community

Content Creator

  • Write content
  • Create GIFs and graphics
  • Create videos


  • Promote IOEN events including AMAs and meetups
  • Amplify IOEN's key announcements
  • Help admins troubleshoot problems
  • Find opportunities for new partnerships, collaborations or events for IOEN


  • Help moderate non-English speaking Telegram chats
  • Translate announcements and sharing content in different languages


IOEN Merch

Earn IOEN swag and limited edition merch just for Ambassadors!

Access and support

Get guidance and support from the team and grow your knowledge of innovative decentralised energy finance.

Early news and exclusive updates

Receive early briefings on official news from the IOEN team. Make an impact on our community strategy.

    Make a difference

    While an ambassador at IOEN, every person you help to join the community contributes to making global energy systems more reliable, equitable and sustainable for our environment.